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Thread: 2012 NHK Trophy Mens Free Skate

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    Quote Originally Posted by bekalc View Post
    And he got properly hit with minus GOE for that.
    ... and that was -0.77 for the spin on his butt, which is rather generous to say the least.
    Its not like Hanyu got PCS in the upper nines
    So, you are saying that we should be grateful that judges didn't give him 9s for the prog with multiple falls? And this is your argument on Yuzuflation in the contrast of Chanflation. Wonderful.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kalina View Post
    he beat Fernandez to gold and qualified for the Grand Prix Final.
    There were a lot of justified talks that he shouldn't have won CoR at all last year, that's the gold belonged to Javi, and not without the reasons, since you want to talk about dead horses.
    Quote Originally Posted by lakeside View Post
    What were the judges smoking?

    Overall, Takahashi should have a 2 or 3 point lead in PCS.
    I agree with you- judges were smoking. 4 points lead over some exhausted kid with sausage-like body with rubber spinal cord with bad posture is surely the result of smoking, but at least smoking something legal, unlike with 2 or 3 points lead if we had had such a case.

    Yuzu always had physical problems. Abe just knew his body better than anyone else and she managed to hide his issues more or less. Plus Natalya opened up his better artistic qualities that finally ended in three magnificient progs that he had las season. Now Orser is just working him out like a typical student and all Hanyu's issues are here. Enjoy. If they keep doing like that, Yuzu won't survive after Sochi.
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