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The reason a lot of people aren't complaining about Hanyu's win is because Hanyu didn't win because he was given huge PCS over everyone else. Patrick would get PCS in the upper 80s for three fall programs and that's where people would hem and haw. In this program Dai won the PCS mark and Hanyu took the free based on TES. And its understandable Hanyu took it based on TES if you look at the program.

One of the biggest things of anger is when PCS are used to hold up skaters.
If I had a short memory, maybe you would have succeded with the above. As I recall, if Patrick had two or three falls in his programs, he has never won that portion of the competition. One of the most often used example to "beat him up" was his Skate Canada Int. win a few years ago where he fell three times in the FS, yet he was actually ranked 4th in the FS but won overall due to the strength of his SP where the other skaters made mistakes. In the past, you have specfically complained about Chan's scores, not the just the PCS but the TES as well where you called for a redesign of the jumping scores to penalize the falls more. Why are you now suddenly much more understanding about Hanyu's falls and the high TES that followed? I don't understand your change of heart, it's very perplexing to say the least. Furthermore, Hanyu won not just overall but the FS with two falls over the clean performance of Ross Miner in both TES and PCS. Don't you find that outrageous? Miner had a Quad and two Triple Axels, and every other jump and unlike Hanyu who had two falls, Miner was clean. You'd think Miner would at least won on the TES, right but no, he wasn't.

As for Hanyu's FS performance itself, for him to score 78 in PCS in such favorable environment - NHK, hometown, leader after the SP, is quite telling. The performance was subpar, he was not expressing the music as well as he could and he looked tired. And why he insists on wearing flashy gloves in Johnny Weir-esque way is perplexing as he has done that way too many times - it's fun once, maybe twice, but every year? He needs to grow up and skate like one. The fact his PCS dropped so much compared to his SP should be a clear warning sign. When Takahashi or Chan underformed in their FS vs. the SP, their relative PCS don't drop that much vis-a-vis their SP. Had that skate being outside of Japan, Hanyu would have been lucky to get that much in PCS.