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This season it seems that there were problems with scoring in all the GP events. It looks like the judges were protecting certain skaters (just like Volosozhar & Trankov at the COR) by scoring them having in mind their reputation. It may have been the case with Mao in this event but if we consider it like that she wasn't the only one to get "inflated scores".
I believe her SP was fairly scored and I feel sorry that Akiko didn't nail that triple lutz. Things would have looked different. The fact is that Mao had an advantage of 9.35pts over Akiko. In the FS, I have no problems with a skater getting a +GOE for a double jump if it is really deserved. Akiko got two edge calls and an underrotated jump and because of that she lost 1.60pts. Where I think the judges may have got it wrong was in the components score. Mao got 7.96 for performance/execution while Akiko got 7.93. The mistakes done by Mao had a significant impact in the look of the overall routine. So I believe that Mao should not have been rewarded with 7.96 in that segment. Hence Akiko should have won the gold and Asada the silver.