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considering the news out of football (American) today - concussions need to be taken more seriously in all sports IMO. Yes football and hockey are more aggressive, but I'd bet a lot of concussions go undiagnosed in figure skating. A lot of the falls we see seem wicked to the spine and head. I really wish the ISU and national federations would take it more seriously.
Oh, yes...I completely agree, and I was so relieved to hear that Julia is sitting this one out. I know that skating isn't as physically bruising as a football game, but think--she has to spin and jump with multiple rotations. With a concussion? She could lose her bearings easily in mid-move and incur a dreadful injury. These moves are demanding and precarious enough when one is healthy.

I'm sorry she's not able to skate, of course; it would have been great to see her. And I'm doubly sorry that we might be losing Kiira as well. What a year: skaters are dropping like flies.