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Thread: Is the standard of Judging deteriorating?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrs. P View Post
    But I just don't agree that the mistakes detracted from Mao's performance. I thinks she was FAR better at Cup of China even with the jump mistakes there. Heck, let's just go back to Japan Open. I think she did it VERY well there and would have beat a very good Ashley Wagner if not for an invalid spin. Since that initial JO program, I felt she has not performed to to her potential.

    The mistakes, to me, put Mao in autopilot mode. The choreography and performance felt forced, rather than that natural lightness I'm used to seeing from her. Any other skater would and have been deducted for doing that. For perspective, her PCS score was higher than Ashley at TEB, who killed it--no mistakes, confidence, strength power. Mao didn't show any of those things.

    Again, I'm fine with Akiko's PCS scores. But I have a problem with Mao scoring top PCS marks for a performance that was, quite frankly, below her usual standard, both technically and artistically.

    All you've said were subjective, I'm afraid. I think Mao deserved PCS higher than Akiko this time. That was all it mattered. As how much, I can't tell because I'm not trained to do that. And the numbers I give won't count. All I know is that Mao should have PCS above Akiko. Even specifically on P/E which some have pulled out, Mao deserved higher than Akiko. The judges gave her that. The rest, I'll respect the judges' marks.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mrs. P View Post
    Mao's surprise look says it all -- even she thought she would lose and didn't look all that happy when she found out she won because she knows she can do much better than that.
    This doesn't prove anything. Anyone would be surprised in this situation because Mao has doubled so many jumps. I believe the judges themselves didn't know the outcome either because the difference which has given Mao the edge was so small, only 0.05 when SP and LP were added together. You can call it "fate". Unfortunately Akiko lost by such a tiny margin. Poor Akiko! My heart goes out to her!

    I, for one, would totally accept the result if Akiko won this time if the numbers added up and Akiko took the edge in the end.

    Quote Originally Posted by mskater93 View Post
    The results may be "right" according to the way it's scored, but I think the question is now "is they way it's scored what's BEST for skating as a spectator sport?" When most fans scratch their heads over results but really don't have any issues with the way parts were scored when reviewing the protocols, perhaps something about the method of scoring needs to be changed...
    I'm sure that even if we let the fans vote for the performances and give the results, some fans will still be surprised for the results by all fans.

    I don't think anyone wants to increase the percentage on technical perspect of CoP, right? If we raise the jump values just because this time Akiko did great on jumps but didn't win, next time you will find that Nan Song with a clean skating and two quads and one in combo will win over Daisuke Takahashi.

    I don't see anything wrong. That was what the protocols were for. After reviewing the protocols, if you can't find anything totally unacceptable, then this is the result you'll get.
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