I can't forget Armin too, I really enjoy his skating a lot. I do so wish Abbot could skate lights out at nationals and worlds (haven't seen that latter yet, but I still long for it); but I also wish to see Miner, Dornbush, and Armin M make the world team.....so, no matter how the cookie crumbles, I'll be missing at least two guys (oh....and yeah, I happen to really like Rippon too and I'm not even letting myself consider Weir or Evan).

But to stay on topic, I do think that Miner might be under-appreciated, but in part I think that he has been somewhat under-exposed; his first medal at senior nationals with Ricky was the first time a lot of people really saw him, and I think he got a little lost in the crowd after that. Although if I remember correctly he did medal last year too, he didn't go to worlds (right?)...so some of the momentum of being the next 'thing to watch' gets lost when you don't get to go to the next big comp. But...do I think he can medal at nationals again: yes; is he a contender for silver or gold - I think he is in that mix, so much will depend, i think, on the physical and mental status of Abbot for the top.