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Now look at Asada's Swan Lake. I will omit interesting choreography and focus only on technical transitions which make the jumps more difficult to land.

1. a few turns leading directly into 3Lo with no long glide, interesting exit with little ina bauer right after landing
2. standard one-foot glide like in Akiko's program going into 2A+3T, simple exit
3. skating through the rink with spread eagle and four turns into 3F, simple exit
4. long and rather simple entry to 3Lz, difficult exit with free leg raised high above hips level
5. just one turn into 3S, simple exit
6. nice approach to 3Lo+2Lo with little ina bauer, little back spiral and some steps, simple exit
7. difficult entrance with steps and very short set-up into 3F+2Lo+2Lo(tano arm), simple exit

The only two jumping passes that has no additional difficulty are 2A+3T which is supposed be 3A later on so that's understandable and 3S which is Mao's least favourite jump.
IMHO there should not be any points given for transitions that make you miss the jump. First things first.

1. A few turns leading directly into a 2Lo, not 3Lo.
2. No transitions on the entry to 2A+3T-- she landed it!

4. Long and simple entry into 2fLz, not 3Lz.
5. Just one turn into 1S, not 3S.

"7. difficult entrance with steps and very short set-up into 3F+2Lo+2Lo(tano arm), simple exit." -- Um, am I watching th wrong performance? I saw only a 2F, np combo, no Tano.

So my question is, what is the point of all these transitions into jumps if you don't follow through by doing the jump? Why would the CoP take it into its curious head to reward such a thing?

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Well written and argued, I concur. Sadly, the above has already been pointed out and discussed in details a week ago here, including painstakingly made video clips to visualize Akiko Suzuki's lack of transitions in / out of her jumps :

That you for that compilation. I intended to comment at the time, but the thread moved on before I got to it.

I actually like Suzuki's classic textbook jump entries. I do not think it adds anything of value to the program to twitch back and forth a few times before jumping -- especially if the twitching makes you miss the jump.

I think it is a flaw in the CoP to award irrelevant ornamentation over solid technique.