I'll roughly translate it. I'm using this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwxSAJG8EIU but it starts half way. If you have another video, please share. The one with some foreign language commentary makes it hard to catch Hanyu's words.

Hanyu: I was a little tired in the 2nd half.
Interviewer: What was your condition in the 2nd half?
Hanyu: I was able to perform quite well in the first half, but I got tired in the 2nd half.
Interviewer: Were you affected by the jump?
Hanyu: The jump did greatly affect me, but falling on the spin was not good, so I have to practice much much more.
Interviewer: Your reaction after the free looked totally different from that in SA.
Hanyu: I went into the free with a different mood and I practiced a lot this time so I had confidence going into the free.
Interviewer: Your senior Takahashi Daisuke almost made a comeback, how do you feel about that?
Hanyu: I could hear the cheering before my turn, and I thought he must have done well, so I relaxed a little and I think I was able to concentrate better thereafter.
Interviewer: How do you feel about winning Takahashi?
Hanyu: I don't feel like I have won him, but I did well in both sp and fs, so perhaps that's why I won.
Interviewer: This time's competition is in Miyagi, how do you feel about it?
Hanyu: On the bus, what I saw made me feel like ah this is where I lived, so I was quite calm.
Interviewer: Next is the GP final, a big meet, how do you want to perform?
Hanyu: I am very happy that 4 Japanese men are going to GPF, so I won't feel nervous and I won't feel foreign, so I want to perform better and to a higher level.
Interviewer: I look forward to it. Thank you.
Hanyu: Thank you.

ETA I found another interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuNQoUyxdZw not sure which is the one you want.

Interviewer: Congratulations.
Hanyu: Thank you.
Interviewer: This loud cheer, and your first NHK win, how do you feel?
Hanyu: Frankly, I feel that I could have done better in my SP (!!!), but my movements are smoother than in SA, which I think is owed to everyone's support.
Interviewer: Was there a big plus that this competition was held in your hometown?
Hanyu: Yeah, I feel thankful to be in my hometown and I can feel calm in this environment so I could relax. Even though I didn't do very well, I think I did good.
Interviewer: Takahashi caught up quite a bit, how do you feel?
Hanyu: Well this is my hometown, and a lot of people came to watch, so I thought that if I harnessed the crowd's cheer and support and skate till the end, everything should go smoothly.
Interviewer: Your 1st half was very good.
Hanyu: Yeah, but I tripped in the salchow, but I stood up most jumps, but I got a little tired in the 2nd half, so I think I need to practice more.
Interviewer: So GPF is decided, and a lot of fans are looking forward to it, may I have your thoughts?
Hanyu: Getting first and going to GPF is a very good feeling and I'm very happy that I could win NHK in my hometown.

I will translate the documentary if I have time.