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Thread: Translated Interviews with Plushenko & Mishin. Is he going to NRW?

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    Translated Interviews with Plushenko & Mishin. Is he going to NRW?

    One of his last interviews:

    "I recently returned from Germany, where I had scheduled medical examination. I had a little surgery - they put the catheter in my back, cleaning the spine. So now I need to control...... For me, the near future - is the championship of Russia, and then, most likely, the European Championship. Next - let's see.
    - Your coach Alexei Mishin mentioned the event in Dortmund.
    - I think that the first purely sporting start of the season for me would be, after all, the Championship of Russia. I will not be in a hurry, to go to some small event - just go to the Championship of Russia. We decided to do all, like in last season."
    - It turns out the issue with the World Championship 2013 is closed?
    - No, it is not closed. I'm just used to focus on the the nearest goals. Now I think only about the Championship of Russia. After Sochi - I will start thinking about the European Championships. And after him - the World Championship. Everything should be decomposed by shelves.
    - In what stage is the work on yours programs?
    - We have now a new methodology. I many times a day skated entirely short and free programs. Yes, this is a major burden - both, physical and emotional. That's why we changed a little preparation. I work with a trainer on general physical training, a former sprinter Vitaly Balykin. Just today, for the first time, I go to work with kickboxing coach. I also swim - also with the coach. I try to study and drive in training new metods. Now, this is not just a figure skating, where there is always work at the same muscles, than different sports, which allow me to develop harmoniously.

    - You follow the results of the international season?
    - Of course - I watch all the major competitions. Greatly added the Japanese, they have in the team now, four or five athletes at the same, a very decent level. But that there is such skater, which I saw and can say "Wow" - no. Yes, there are good athletes. I would be interested to compete with them. I love all the new, love to conquer, to do what no one else did. I like it, no matter how is it difficult."
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