Julia interview after her 2 Grand Prixs translated from google.com, so not all translations are accurate

what I got from the interview is that Julia was nervous on her first FS in Cup of China but in TEB, she was not nervous but missed some jumps
because she skated her LP with pain again and could not feel any of the jumps as it felt numb landing them , she wanted to skate her LP as she wanted to secure a spot in the GPF,

Julia doesn't like classical music, dancing and press conferences, lol
Julia herself and her mother chose her Short Program music
and Julia is a Workaholic

Julia Lipnitskaya: "I have no interest with their peers to communicate"

"Now I textbooks, frankly, has not yet opened, do not even know that I have there."

14-year-old Julia announced itself loudly - on the debut Grand Prix not only won the short program, but walked twice world champion Mao Asada. In Paris, Julia got up on the podium again - this time for the bronze, which opened her way to the final in Sochi.

- Julia, you have won a medal in his second Grand Prix. She expect?

- Well, as you say ... Glad I came. It was very hard after the rotation, the foot is a stiff, or numb, I did not feel it at all. Lutz jumped probably one handed. Do not even know how to not fall.

"To be honest, I do not watch over all. I myself need to ride "

- There were rumors that you even take off your injury.

- I thought about it. I almost twisted my ankle on departure day: in the morning we were leaving, and the previous exercise, I twisted my ankle. Rather, I stretch, and even leg very swollen. At the first training session in Paris was very painful, I generally do not jump. Thought we would be removed, but the next day was a little better, I could jump. Later, however, the foot became ill again - see, in short, I just overdid it.

- To put it to you some goals for the Grand Prix?

- I had to get into the top three, had the chance to be selected for the final.

- Is there a difference, who beat? For example, in the short program in Paris you beat Ashley Wagner, who still can not boast of high-profile titles, but in China you bypassed Mao Asada - two-time world champion.

- In fact, all the girls are very long advocated, each has a name, score and parts, but I still have it all to turn out.

- Is there someone with whom you want to emulate?

- To be honest, I do not watch over all. I myself have to skate, to improve themselves.

- Then maybe there is someone who would like to especially hard to win?

- Win? I myself. If I rode better, it might be, could be in Paris to win, and Asada in China.

"Skates nobody forced to wear. There was a time when I'm sick "

- Tell me, when you started skating? Who brought you to the section?

- Mom of four years took to the rink, and since then I am suffering (laughs).

- True to suffer?

- Well ... Skates nobody forced to wear. There was a time when I'm sick, and it was already in Moscow. I'm just not eager to, I do not feel that we should just ride, ride and ride - just go and go. I know that I have a good opportunity.

- But Valentin Piseev (ex-president of the Russian Federation of figure skating - approx. Sports.ru) has recently said that you - a workaholic, you need to stop, so you do not recycle.

- No, I work, I'm fine, not because of this that I go out and do nothing.

- And do not you think about figure skating or dance?

- No, I do not think so. I used to - three years ago - even frightened mother, saying that you will not normally exercise, go in pairs.

- The press wrote that you do not have nerves, especially after the Chinese stage. Admit it, do you sometimes worry before the start?

- Here in China, I, by the way, very edgy. When I went out to an arbitrary, I was just shaking, and then as the first jump did not go as well as I do not know how I coped at all. In Paris, this was not, it was just too heavy because of the injury, and I generally try not to think about it. At first I had the jump on the second something is a little knocked off track, and after rotation was already very difficult doezzhat.

"Sabre Dance" I did for a long time wanted to, but I probably still too early to roll "

- Usually 14-15 people just go to school, to the movies, to the disco, do their homework and occasionally get two. And how to make yourself every day laid out in full in training?

- It is the force of habit. When day after day doing the same thing, you get used to.

- Athletes in fact much of his adult years ...

- Yes, there is.

- Are you able to then can communicate with their peers?

- No. I talked to them before, I walked to school. When I came back after a long break, it was afraid that everyone will be so smart, and I'll look stupid, but it turned out that they were just not interested.

- And how are you now combine training and education? Externship?

- Yes, the Family Education. Now I textbooks, frankly, has not opened, do not even know that I have there ...

- Apparently, you now stages.

- Yes, I have competition. I am usually at the end of the season enough textbooks, just a week teaching a subject for the whole year, and just go rent. And then all over again.

- You have said that is not interesting to talk with their peers, so your friends are out of the world of sports?

- Yes.

- That is, the friendship in sport is real, despite the competition?

- Yes, we have a very tight-knit group, and interesting to talk to at the rink than at school.

"Classic I never listen"

- Going back to figure skating, whether you are the changes in the rules?

- Yes, of course. This year, by the way, we had a huge problem with rotations, we did not know what options do. I had to learn from scratch Bedouin, because I tried it last time two years ago, and once so with him welled that no longer came. Well, when forced to learn it again, killed him, probably a month.

- Who chooses the music for your programs? How does this happen?

- Last year, we were looking for music with Nikolai Morozov. "Dark Eyes", he, in my opinion, he suggested, and we agreed pretty easily, and then he was flipping through the music we have heard of "Romeo and Juliet" and too easily decided - say, this one is beautiful, let it. But this year, I chose the music itself. My mother and I listened to a lot of things. "Sabre Dance" I did for a long time wanted to, but I probably still too early to have it roll, and still can not get to the performances. Well, then something has gone, and delivered.

- And much different music that you ride, from the one listening?

- Classics I never listen. The same "Sabre Dance" just so groovy and catchy music I love.

- What method of training is better for you: stick or carrot?

- It depends. If I went out and collapsed with a bad mood, then, of course, I have to make itself a very long time, and get ready to rock the, perhaps, only the second training session. Well, if a good mood - the whole day is a great success, and all.

- A distracting attention from the press at the event?

- Well, before the competition, I do not like to talk to the press. I hate, by the way, when the workout is removed.

- But at the same time you're being very confident at the press conferences!

- Well, when I first went to a press conference last year, I suddenly asked: "What did you feel during the ride? '. And I sit and think, "What did I feel?". In general could not either "A" or "B" to say.

"I literally cried every day, called my mom, well, then used"

- Athletes are often superstitious. Do you have any signs or their mascots?

- No.

- That is, if on the way to the rink you black cat crossing the road, do not be upset?

- Well, then, somewhere they run. I honestly do not care.

- Said Irina Slutskaya forbade my mother to watch their own skates.

- We're in different cities, so I do not always know whether or not it looks. Mom just generally does not look very worried.

- It is not hard to be so far away from family?

- The first year was very difficult. I literally cried every day, called my mother, well then, have become accustomed. And still probably get used