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Thread: Podium Wishes for GPF

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    Podium Wishes for GPF

    Akiko or Ashley get gold. Whoever deserves it, Then silver same as before for Akiko or Ashley. Liza T. All three skate with consistency, musicality, and maturity. Liza is not as elegant because she is younger. She is also very short, and not skinny enough, leggy to get the lines. I also think her Sp is good, glad she went back to Tango. She is the most musical and she has her own style , a charming one like Ksenia, my favorite from the past. Aliona is getting better every year, but Liza is the current star for me from Russia. I don't think her LP is as strong as Akiko's or Ashley's. For someone so young, she is so impressive. I have a feeling julia will beat her, but I hope not. Her flexibility is amazing and when she lands her jumps, her Lp is technically the bomb. She has yet to develop an on ice charisma that draws me in. I may love her by Sochi. When I think of little phenoms, Kwan, still quite rough at 14, had that charm. So did Kim amd Asada. Sasha was elegant at 14 and changed expectations. Sarah had huge energy. Gracie Gold was adorable, as was Mirai. I am thinkining of phenoms like Zhang who had star quality at 14,15. Julia does not smile. I watch for the technical content and to see what she might do with her I spin-it literally makes Sasha's look average. I'd rather watch Katelyn Osmond any day. That is enjoyable. What Osmond was born with (great musicality) Julia may not acquire for a few more years. It can only get better. I feel I should be in Ashley's corner, but I will be very happy to see Akiko win the GPF.

    If Liza doesn't bring it, I hope Kiira can outskate her. She is not particularly musical, but this year I actually like her, and the nitpicky things have improved at age 24. I'd say this is the first year she really looks like champion material. I know I am picky. But this is not a beauty pageant (can you hear me in Japan, JSF and judges)? Half kidding only.

    So who is your dream podium, and has it changed since the NHK trophy?

    I hope they all skate lights out.

    How do you feel about ladies and the other disciplines?

    If you are too practical to dream, and would rather say who is gonna podium, you could reply that if you prefer. Best guess.
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