Pairs - I'd like Pang and Tong to win. I'm not feeling Volosozhar and Trankov this season, and I was never feeling Bazarova and Larionov. I'm comme ci, comme ca about Kavaguti and Smirnov. I would say that I'd like Duhamel and Radford or Moore-Towers and Moscovitch to win, but that's so unlikely. It would be nice if one of those teams (or both.. dare I hope?) could medal though. I think Duhamel and Radford have a better chance.

Dance - I'm fine with either Virtue and Moir or Davis and White winning, whichever one skates better. Ideally, I'd like Pechalat and Bourzat to win but we all know no one is going to beat the top two so I'll hope for a P and B bronze medal (which is very likely how it'll end up ).

Men - I'd like Takahashi to win, or Chan. I just don't want Hanyu to win because he annoys me and his skating doesn't have the maturity of a champion yet. His SP is very good, but his long is usually too much of a disaster to be a champion's long. My personal favourite is Takahashi but I would be totally fine with Chan winning, too. I'm pretty sure the podium's going to be those three, although of course someone else could pull an upset (Kozuka?).

Ladies - Ashley for the top of the podium! I want her to have her dream season, culminating in a win at the World Championships! It's nice to see someone CONSISTENT winning. I want Akiko to win silver and I guess Mao for bronze. I'd be ok with those two switched around, too, as long as the switcharound reflects what the ladies actually did on the ice. I'd rather the youngsters not win medals this time around, but if one does I'd rather it be Liza instead of Julia. Julia's skating just looks very juniorish still and doesn't appeal to me.