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Thread: TV Alert-Sunday Nov 25 NBC NHK Trophy and Disson show

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    TV Alert-Sunday Nov 25 NBC NHK Trophy and Disson show

    Y'all may know, but in case you forgot, the ladies and mens long programs will be televised EST at 2PM. Check your local listings for your time zone. At 4pm, there will be another Disson skating show, "Unforgettable Holiday Moments on Ice" or something close to that, LOL. I did not google it yet to list who is singing/playing and who is skating. I am hoping it has some current skaters and not the 80's -90's skaters. I was bored to tears with Jewel and the family show. I felt gypped (sp?) thay Liza Kulik did not skate a number when she is good and competes. Skating around babies is cute but, well, I loved the old pro comps, the pro ams, but just do not want to see someone from the 1984 podium skate around in circles and do a back flip.

    I still appreciate Kurt, the Kulik family and would like to see Rochette, Buttle, and people who have kept up their skills. We'll see. I will look it up and report back.

    ETA-Mannheim Steamroller will do all the music and Megan Hilty will guest star. She is the blonde Marilyn fromthe TV show SMASH! and she is a good singer, imo. The skaters include Weiss, Boitano, Rochette, Meissner, Steven Cousins and a few more. Not too bad. I'm not sure why they never use Buttle for US shows as he is so good, or Europeans. I'd love to see Lambiel. Looks like Sasha is not skating anymore. I guess this is a show Alissa would have done. No Flatt, either. I'm guessing Kimmie was a fill in for these injured ladies champions. I did not see Nicole Bobel listed, and would like to see her. Oh, and Mirai and Ashley! I wonder if they will do their gala skate, neither of which I've have seen, or if it will be all holiday stuff. Im am guessing it will. I have heard them only briefly-would one expect Mannheim to be doing all Christmas music? Well, there you have it. I'm tempted to watch the competition as Mirai did so well and I have only seen the ladies via Riserva Forum. I don't know why the web quality is so poor. Eurosport is better. I expect we will see the top four and Americans who did well. I am excited by Mirai's performance. Catch it somewhere...she is on an upward trajectory and that is good news!
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