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Thread: Documentary on Yuzuru Hanyu; translation in thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by giulia95 View Post
    Love this, thanks. Hanya (lol, those Japanese spelling!) totally should win NHK, imagine the rolling of of emotions, the tears. The son came home and is now a King! Whaaa....

    Seems Orser really want him mature quickly, I actually hope he does't mature that quickly. Sometimes using real life experiences suited to the artist age allow their performance appear more authentic, unique, genuine and special. Certain programs should be done at the right age. Not too early or too late. He was Romeo last year... it was perfect for him.

    I am comforted to see The Pooh Bear is alive and well and took so much room in his luggage. It sure was BIG! May the Pooh Bear force be with him on this blessed journey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by giulia95 View Post
    OMG! Thanks for the link!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by giulia95 View Post
    Thank you; Yuzuru is definitely my sentimental favorite for the gold for the NHK Trophy!! I hope he skates lights out in front of his hometown crowd!

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    Quote Originally Posted by giulia95 View Post
    I can't stop watching this video...Go Yuzura

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    Barely understood any of it, but well worth the 44 minutes . Maybe someone will take pity on us non-Japanese speaking fans and translate parts of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by luckykid View Post
    I'll roughly translate it...

    I will translate the documentary if I have time.
    Thank you very much!!

    Very nice documentary indeed. What sacrifices these great athletes go through!!

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    This year, senior high school student Hanyu Yuzuru went to Canada because he wants to get gold in Sochi which is 1 year and 3 months away. A lot of media were there before his departure.
    00:33 Hanyu: It's really difficult to bite.
    00:42 Figure skater, Hanyu Yuzuru. 17 years old, and he completed quad jump. He is a young man who has flexibility like a girl's.
    01:20 Japan's next figure skating star.
    01:30 This season, to improve himself, he went overseas to train. His coach is a famous coach who coached Kim Yuna to her gold medal at Vancouver 2010.
    01:50 What awaited him in Canada was training focused on his foundation. This was a different style of training that aimed to improve his skating from 0 (I think in English it's starting from zero right? It was said as starting from 1 in the video.)
    02:00 I was so focused on jumps that to ask me to focus on skating skills is quite hard.
    02:18 So he faced a big challenge.
    02:34 He wondered how to face this challenge. He went back to Japan because an international competition was around the corner.
    02:55 I want to change myself.
    03:10 He worked towards the challenge of aiming to be the top of the world at age 17.
    03:30 Ontario state, east of Canada. Hanyu had been living here since May.
    03:40 There are many ice shows in Canada. Families and even the elderlies attended these shows.
    04:15 Today is the first time Hanyu participated in an ice show since arriving to Canada. For pro skaters, they participate in ice shows to improve their skills.
    04:33 In Japan's figure skating field, everyone knows Hanyu and he is very popular.
    04:40 But in Canada, almost no one knows him.
    04:50 It's written Yuzura. Oh really, it's Yuzura. Yuzura yuzura... sounds like russian name.
    05:04 And here, Yuzuru Hanya.
    05:11 Hanyu: Can't help it, whatever. I don't really care.
    05:27 In an atmosphere that is different than in Japan, Hanyu started his performance.
    05:40 When it's going to start, the atmosphere in the arena changed.
    05:50 The quad jump that makes people stare (open their eyes?), arousing cheers from the crowd.
    06:15 This day, Hanyu created a name for himself.
    06:36 Hanyu: So tired.
    06:40 What's the difference with Japan's ice show?
    06:42 Hanyu: I thought what was I so nervous for. I was nervous about being overseas and not knowing how the crowd will react. In Japan, the crowd is quiet, but here it is loud and noisy so I was nervous.
    07:10 Hanyu has been training in a rink in Toronto.
    07:20 1pm, back to practice.
    07:30 The club that Hanyu goes to has been established for 60 years. A prestigious club that has produced many medalists. Many skaters from all over the world who are seeking high level practice come here.
    07:50 Hanyu: Please.
    07:57 Here, Hanyu practices for 3 hours a day, 6 days a week.
    08:18 In this club, there are about 20 coaches. There are spins, jumps etc specialist coaches.
    08:37 For Hanyu, to increase the precision of his good quad jump, he sought Brian Orser to be his coach, who in his time, got 2 Olympic silver medals.
    09:00 After retiring and becoming a coach, he coached Kim Yuna to a gold in Vancouver.
    09:17 Orser feels that Hanyu has lots of potential and so started coaching him.
    09:25 The greatest problem is language barrier, so Hanyu uses gestures.
    10:00 In men's single, it is now and era where you can't win without a quad.
    10:14 This season, Hanyu decided to take up the challenge of doing 2 types of quad. The first is quad toe that takes off with the toepick, a jump that he is very proficient in. The other is the quad salchow. This takes off from the edge, making it harder than the toe loop.
    11:00 In the world, there are only few who can do this high difficulty quad salchow.
    11:14 Hanyu went to Canada to improve on his jumps, but Orser wanted him to work on his skating basics instead.
    12:05 The performance of March Worlds winner, Canada's Patrick Chan. His beautiful step sequence, which has a lot of body movements. He has high speed, dynamic jumps.
    12:30 His special quality is his way of skating, a style which is like licking the ice. This type of skating is what Orser refers to as skating skills.
    12:50 With good skating skills, one can get high marks in both TES and PCS.
    12:58 Triple flip.
    13:02 The key to skating skills is how one uses the edge.
    13:15 When Patrick Chan does his step sequence, his speed remains. His movements from one to the other are smooth. He has a very deep edge.
    13:40 Let's see how using a deep edge to skate is like. This is the blade that is fixed to the bottom of the skates. Use the part that is called the edge to skate. (The yellow lined part) Only a small part of the feet is at where the edge is.
    14:15 If the blade is too deep, only one part of the edge is in contact with the ice, the effiency is low and there is no speed.
    14:39 The style of skating that is like licking the ice (sorry I don't know how to translate this better) is born from a deep edge.
    14:58 To be at the top of the world, improving skating skills is essential. Orser gave Hanyu stroking practice, using one foot to move forward and backwards.
    15:50 To completely be aware of every single movement and get used to the movement.
    16:00 For Hanyu, who in Japan, was completely focused on his jumps, this (stroking practice) was a new experience to him.
    16:17 I have always known skating to be just a movement of the legs. Lift the leg, then put it down again. But now, when I use my upper body and shoulder, it's like I make new discoveries about my body.
    16:45 Practice is over. Away from his fellows, he is now alone in the rink.
    17:13 It has been 2 months since he started the strict stroking practice.
    (I copied yude's translation for the body treatment part because I'm lazy heh)
    Body treatment(around 18:15)

    Yuzuru: It hurts!!

    Narration: His body was screaming by the practice to which every day does not get


    Yuzuru: It hurts very much...

    Massage therapist: You are getting out of breath, are you ok?

    Yuzuru: I'm not ok...

    Yuzuru: Surely I have a pain right there.

    Massage therapist: You skate dynamically, so inflammation may remain in the joints.

    19:00 He went to Canada to improve his jumps, but in reality, he has to practice skating skills everyday.
    19:10 To what extent can he respond to Orser's requirement of practicing skating skills daily?
    19:16 As I was too focused on jumps, to be conscious of my skating skills is very difficult. But if Orser thinks skating skills is important, I will respect that and I will have to practice skating skills.
    19:50 Other than practicing skating skills, he has been given an even bigger challenge by Orser.
    20:10 And that is to mature.
    20:24 Rather than a youthful performance, Orser wanted an adult performance.
    21:47 I know very well that I have to be more adult like, more manly, but how do I achieve that, I still don't know well. For example, taking colouring as an example, there is no sample for me to copy. What there is is in my head, I think that this is a yellow ranger, so I shall colour it yellow, but I know nothing about the nuances. How to insert the nuances, like my feelings and my thoughts, which I think are necessary.
    22:31 (Japanese words) Last year of high school, Hanyu went to Canada, all because he wants to get Olympic gold.
    22:50 You don't go out often?
    22:55 I never go out at all.
    22:57 I think the town looks fun.
    22:59 I don't think about it much. I don't know English.
    23:03 So you are always at home?
    23:07 I withdraw myself to my home.
    23:10 Your house seems near to niagara falls.
    23:12 Yeah it seems near, but I don't go. I don't think about going. But really, I try my best during practice, I give it my all, and when I go back, I am so tired that I can't go out anymore.
    23:54 In the later part of August, Hanyu went back to his hometown Sendai.
    24:04 Good evening.
    24:09 Please.
    24:10 He went to the pro shop in the city, a familiar shop he has been going to since he was a child.
    24:22 How is it?
    24:24 You've been working hard.
    24:30 Under Orser's guidance, Hanyu has been practicing skating skills repeatedly, causing his blades to become blunt.
    (not sure what he's saying here. Something about making the front part sharper.)
    25:00 Hanyu started figure skating when he was 4.
    25:09 He participated in nationals when he was in grade 4 and won his first competition.
    25:20 Hanyu especially loved the jumps. Wanting to jump, he went to a nearby rink to practice.
    25:35 But during last year's March Tohouku earthquake, he encountered a situation where he could not do what he loved, which was to skate.
    25:53 The rink he went could not be used and his home was also struck by disaster.
    26:06 Hanyu and his family and friends had to seek refuge.
    26:15 I thought that it was impossible to skate anymore. There was no electricity, no water, no gas. How do I live from here on?
    26:27 In order to find a place to practice, Hanyu went around the country participating in ice shows.
    26:40 Overcoming his handicap of having no rink to practice in, Hanyu won the bronze medal in the World championships, a large competition.
    26:57 Soon after he went back to Japan, he went to the place which started his skating life.
    27:10 Recovering from the earthquake, the rink has returned to its original form.
    27:30 Are you going in from up first? (dunno what is it referring to)
    27:33 No, I want to do some skating for now.
    27:39 2am, Hanyu started practicing in the empty rink.
    28:06 There are still few months to the worlds of the pre season of Sochi Olympics.
    28:27 He has started his quad jump practice.
    28:57 He repeatedly practices the part of his program where he misses the most.
    29:19 Even though Hanyu understands that Orser wants him to improve his skating skills first, he still cannot change his preference for practicing jumps.
    29:48 In the late night, Hanyu was jumping like h
    30:16 About 1 hour since he started practice, something happened to Hanyu.
    30:25 After he fell, he couldn't get up. He had sprained his right ankle.
    30:53 Even then, he doesn't stop his jump practice.
    31:06 It has been 3 months since he teamed up with Orser, but he is still unable to share Orser's emphasis on skating skills.
    31:30 Because of the language problem, I don't really understand my coach, so he has to use easier words. This is one of the problem I need to resolve this season.
    31:59 The season started in October.
    32:09 The competition with top skaters in the world has begun. It is now time to see the product of his partnership with Orser.
    32:34 This is a present?
    32:36 We all wrote this.
    32:43 Let me take a picture with it.
    33:13 Sp on the first day of competition. His performance is starting.
    33:53 Quad jump completed perfectly.
    34:00 The other jumps were also completed.
    34:44 Performance with no mistakes.
    35:17 His score was 95.07. A world record.
    35:30 Press conference after the sp. Hanyu answered in English.
    35:44 It's only sp, I want to do my best for the fs.
    36:02 The next day, he would be attempting 2 types of quad.
    36:19 Hanyu tried to keep calm.
    36:30 Everyone expected him to win in the second day's fs.
    37:10 He failed in his first jump.
    37:30 I couldn't concentrate at all. I was overthinking. I couldn't respond to the circumstance. I kept thinking about the sp results. I panicked.
    38:16 He was like a totally different person from yesterday.
    38:40 His score for fs. His TES was 72.11. His failure in landing the quad jumps affected his scores. On the other hand, the PCS which included skating skills was 79.56. This was considered good amongst all the competitors.
    39:08 When I look at the scores this time round, I feel that I out performed myself as reflected in PCS.
    39:28 After being with Orser, without realising it, his skating skills has improved.
    39:46 In the 6 minutes warm up, I couldn't concentrate and was watching the other competitors. I was having many feelings.
    40:50 Hanyu returned to Toronto. Today during practice, there is a change that has not been visible till now. Orser is away for a week with other skaters who are competing.
    41:29 But Hanyu has been practicing hard at the challenging skating skills.
    41:46 I need to have the basics. There are also many other things, even small things that I can steadily improve on. I need to gain points from these things, if not I will make mistakes like this time. When that happens, how I can save myself from further mistakes, it is very important to improve my basics. There are still many areas in my skating and performance that I haven't perfected. Now it is only jumps. But in order to perform well, jumps is a part of my performance, so is skating skills. So I feel regretful that I was not able to perform nor skate well. Perhaps I can't meet Orser for a week, but I want him to think that I have been working hard, so I will practice as hard as possible.
    42:53 His next competition will be his hometown Sendai. NHK trophy will begin from November 23. Eyeing to be at the top of the world at Sochi, he has renewed motivations. He will continue to work towards his goal of combining performance, jumps, spin, steps all into one.
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    Thank you very much for the good work, luckykid!!

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    I finished translating. Pardon me for any mistakes and inaccuracies, I tried my best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by luckykid View Post
    I finished translating. Pardon me for any mistakes and inaccuracies, I tried my best.
    You're awesome! Thank you so much!

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    Luckykid thank you sooo much for translation!!

    It’s so interesting to know Yuzuru’s point of view!

    However I’m still trying to figure out his reasoning about “the adult like-coloring-yellow -nuances-feelings ...”, what a mess poor kid!!! If they continue to obsess him this way he’ll need a psychological help very soon!!

    But I would like to say to little Yuzu , borrowing words from a very good old song, “ I love you just the way you are...”
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    Hi! I uploaded English subtitles for the entire documentary (at least for most of it!). Luckykid's translation was helpful in cross-checking (thanks for the translation, luckykid!). Most of the differences in translation are minor (although I have to admit -- I found Yuzuru's diction hard to understand, so I skipped those!). I would appreciate it if there are any corrections whatsoever. :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by sampaguita View Post
    Hi! I uploaded English subtitles for the entire documentary (at least for most of it!). Luckykid's translation was helpful in cross-checking (thanks for the translation, luckykid!). Most of the differences in translation are minor (although I have to admit -- I found Yuzuru's diction hard to understand, so I skipped those!). I would appreciate it if there are any corrections whatsoever. :D
    Awesome, and welcome! I'll need to rewatch the documentary when I have some time - subs with the video would be helpful!

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