Should JSF be promoting Hanyu now before Dai? I think not. He does a great SP but Dai is complete. Dai is the WC and Olympic medalist. Dai is beautiful to watch. Hanyu is so far an SP skater. Will he have elegance and finesse in a year? Stamina, posture? He's a fast, explosive jumper now, but hes not ready to be pushed to battle Chan/Javier-others with better programs and years better SS. Is JSF boosting his scores because they think he's the best by Sochi?
The best men who will have the quads/3axels with best skills/style/programs are for me in any order Dai, Chan, Fernandez. Hanyu's LP is at times a rough ride-why push him when they have Dai and Kozuka? Very complete skaters-more mature...Hanyu for Sochi?

It could easily be an Asian sweep or Japanese sweep in Chan falls too much.

GPF has 4 of 6 Japanese! Javier only one to make it from Europe/Russia. P Chan only North American. I hope Evan makes it to Nationals.