JSF should not promote anyone. I think Dai or Hanyu have excellent shots at OGM. THey are both great skaters with Hanyu improving. Hanyu's technical arsenal needs a bit more evidence. Because he is so new he doesn't have enough clean quads to say he is "consistent". He and Dai are getting there so while Javier and Hanyu have "more arsenal" they have yet to be really consistent and cleanly landing all the quads - this year could say a lot though. Chan will need to up the ante and ensuring the axel and quad triple toe is there and maybe look at one more quad but at the very least ensure he gets level 4's on all spins and footwork. Poor Verner and Brezina aren't looking so hot right now. Abbott is a bit of a question mark and a bigger question mark is OGM Evan. Forget Johnny Weir. I wonder what is running through Joubert's mind too?