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Having three top skaters would be great probably. To be honest, however, having too many top skaters in one country may not be that envious thing I would say. Just thinking about the Nats next month, my heart skips beats and my stomach aches...
I'm not even Japanese, and I am very nervous/excited for the Japan Nationals. Some of my favorite skaters are from Japan and it will be interesting and nerve-wracking to see how it all goes down.

Now, as for Daisuke and Yuzuru, I wish the JSF didn't have to promote anyone. That seems unfair but I do realize it goes with the territory in figure skating. I will just be hoping that they will both get scores that accurately reflect how they skate - no one "held up" or "held down" by PCS or GOE. However, if the JSF does "promote" Yuzuru more, I don't think that it will hurt Dai too much. Going into the 2011 season, I think that it is fair to say that the JSF was considering Takahiko their number one guy, and were almost given up on Dai, but that did not stop Dai from having a stellar season.

I am a die-hard Daisuke fan, and it is my dream that he will win the Olympic gold medal in Sochi. Nothing would make me happier than that. However, I have to say that I think Yuzuru has a better chance at winning the OGM than Dai does. I mean, obviously Yuzu needs to improve some, because falling apart in the second half a free skates won't cut it, but I think he might improve that in a year. What he won't improve in just one year will be his skating skills and PCS, but I don't know that it will matter. Dai has the edge on Yuzuru in PCS as of now, but Yuzu is not too much farther behind him. Daisuke is not as good technically as Yuzuru and Chan are, and though his jumps are good and he can land them when he's on, I can't deny that Dai will be behind them in TES. Dai will have a lead on Yuzuru on PCS (not on Chan, probably), but that advantage in PCS will not be enough to make up the lead Yuzu will likely have over him in TES, in my opinion.

As much as I truly wish that Dai will win (at least a medal, if not gold), my gut feeling is that the Olympic podium will be Chan, Plushenko (who is a wild card right now), and Yuzuru - those three in any order, I'm not going to try to predict that right now. Though I hope it will not be true, I think that Daisuke might finish fourth. No way am I counting him out though - he would have to have the skate of his life and hit all of his jumps including his two quads perfectly, plus sell the program like only he can, in order for him to do it, but it could happen. He does struggle technically sometimes, but I truly believe that if Daisuke were to nail every one of his jumps, he is the best in the world.

So far it is Yuzuru-1, Daisuke-0. It will be interesting to see how things stand after the GPF and Nats.