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That's a big "if" -- which is the premise behind this whole thread but not necessarily a valid one. Who says the lutz is so important that the rules should be designed to make it a deciding factor?

And, given the fact that it's very difficult for most women to do triple lutzes with correct takeoffs, should a triple flutz (clear attempt to take off from the outside edge, and clear failure to do so) be worth more or less than an intended triple flip?

Should the rules encourage or discourage skaters from attempting it at all if they can't do it right?

If we want to reward correct lutzes and not incorrect attempts, maybe add "clear outside edge takeoff" to the bullet points for positive GOE for that specific jump. But only for women? (What about pairs doing side-by-side 2Lz or 3Lz, then?)
The only couple doing that is Duhmel and Radford, and as far as I can see they are not flutzers...but your suggestion should apply to hte others as well.