I'd like to put together a group of programs for comparison in a hypothetical 6.0 competition -- you decide how you think they should be ranked -- for purposes of discussing what we each value or think should be valued in deciding competitions. The examples would be chosen to display some clear contrasts in strengths and weaknesses; therefore there will be no examples that contain the full package of high technical level, high artistic level, and clean inspired performance.

There's no right answer -- I'm just curious about what we think should matter most. And if we reach a consensus, then what would be the best approach to scoring to encourage skaters to develop those strengths and judges to reward them?

Let me know if you think you would be interested in participating.

There are a few different ways I could set this up -- let me know what you think would work best:

1) I make up the skaters and their programs and give verbal descriptions of the overall qualities throughout the program along with details about the jumps.

2) I choose videos real, known skaters from the past, but I mix up the sources of the programs across different eras or other contexts.

3) I select videos of real but not well-known skaters, e.g., from the ISU JGP channel (which would mean current competitors).

Which discipline(s) would you be most interested in looking at?