Ashley was always lovely, now she has her jump timing down and hi confidence. I was wondering what she has had to say about MK, if anything? I sense she is playing by MK's playbook, esp under Frank. This year she used one beloved peice of music MK skated to, Red Violin She also is winning with 3x2 so not pushing it. I also see she skates with about the same speed, does falling leaf and is not pushing her flexibility though she does do biellman which all do now. I think she wants to stay around as long as she can be at or near the top. I see her continuing maybe after Sochi-assuming she gets there and does well. I think if Ashley becomes the consistent skater we have up to Sochi, stays healthy, comparisons will be made.

What do you think? Stylistically, she reminds me of Kwan's skating down to emotive glances. Musicality matters more to her than speed into a 3x3. How does Ashley's layout compare to the great Kwan? Who'd be NC if they skated against each other? I see Ashley learning from Kwan and suspect MK is her fave skater of 6.0 era.

Can anyone see her as the skater that takes MK's mantle to some extent? Who is the better freeskater?