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She wasn't portraying Salome in the Romanza program. I think she was just trying to be a Spanish dancer.

Here is Michelle's Salome program. I thought she gave a great interpretation of (one way of looking at) the character. Salome was not a voluptuous seductress. She was a kid who was forced by her mother to perform for a lecherous king in a plot to get revenge on the mother's political enemy, John the Baptist.

Thanks MM, it was my unclear writing. Of course Romanza was her sp in 96. I remarked this i when she started performing, flirting with audience in a spanish number. Watch her face and ending pose. Invincible. Salome was of course as you describe it. She acted pretty well and won. I never would have chosen that role for her, but it worked. Like you, I remember most of her competitive Sps and Lps. Watch Ashley's eyes, and you can see she has learned from Kat and Mk how to connect, bring in the audience. For all we know Frank used to make her watch tapes of katarina.