Best of luck to Yuka & Sasha in the pairs. I know that no matter what happens on the ice V/T is going to win the comp but they have every chance of second. The results in the GPF have me slightly worried though, they were a long way behind the top 2 despite delivering the best performance (IMO). I hope the Fed aren't trying to dump them. I really hope every one skates well, would like to see M/R and S/K do well and the new junior pair of Tarasova/Morozov.

Does anyone think the dance field is a bit small? Was expecting around 15 couples, I think there is only 10 entered. Interesting to see who comes out on top, my favourites are B/S, really love their free dance. Ladies should be interesting, I would imagine there is a lot of pressure on Sotnikova are her less than stellar performances so far this season. Probably Tukt for the win if she can put in a decent short programme.

For the men I really want Menshov to do well, interesting to see how Gachinski performs but I guess Plushenko is the favourite.