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Look at the jam-packed crowds in that huuuuuuuuuge arena! Plushy is sure ADORED in Russia
Seconded. No one else in the international fs community could collect such a crowd on his/her birthday show. Probably only Mao, Dai and Yuna can do the same. And that would be all. What a great proof of how ridiculous all these theoretical talks of who should be promoted over whom, or why this lady is not treated as #1 in her country, or that fs is a sophisticated sport and not some soccer, etc., are. At the end of the day fs is the same product on a consumer market like any other. You can't make people love someone just because ISU told you so. Opera house is also an elite event, no everyone's cup of tea, that doesn't collect stadiums like pop/rock singers' concerts. But show me at least one opera specialist who would say "yes, this singer got booed and doesn't collect full theatre houses but he is still the best!". Everyone would think that such a specialist is a fool or simply needs mental help. Judging by how arrogantly ISU treats the audience as just someones who pay cash, I don't see any positive prospective until 2014 (when grandpa Dore with Otavia retires). Which makes me appreciate guys like Plu even more, the one who treats the audience with the respect and gets rewarded back in full!