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It's a little be rough, but I tried my best to translate it

- What are you thoughts on competing in NRW Trophy?
"It's been a long time since I've competed so I'm nervous and worried. But on the other hand, I'm also excited. My goal in this competition is to earn the minimum TES score. I've practiced alot, so I will be mainly focused on my goal. If I skate confidently like I used to, I think I can certainly reach my goal."

- How much improvement did you see physically? Last time when we asked this question you said you weren't fully prepared physically.
"like the last interview, I've always thought being physically fit was important. I've thought through this during my practice. I've exercised constantly to maintain my body physically and also to make sure I can execute elements in my program. I think during my training, I've raised my skating abilities both physically and technically. However, just because I practiced well doesn't mean I'm going to perform well. I hope to control and maintain my condition during the competition so I can bring the best performance."

- How did you manage mentally?
"I didn't have any heavy feelings like I had in the past events. When I prepared myself to go back on the ice, I told myself to start as if it's a new beginning. I was worried if I could actually do that, but when I lowered my expectations, I was able to leisurely enjoy training. I even laughed during my training days. I felt less pressured than I was in the past"

- You're performing Kiss of the Vampire and Les Miserables....
"It's been a long time since I received choreographies for my programs. I was concerned if I could perform well technically and artistically. But since I didn't forget anything, I thought to myself, If I can train harder, I can meet what I had in the past"

- You said your condition was the best during Vancouver. If that was 100/100, what would you rate your condition now?
"Last interview, I said I would give around 60-70. I've improved noticeably, but Vancouver isn't something I can ever compare it to. Therefore, I would give around 80-90"

- Many rules have changed in ISU especially spins....
"Spins were like elementary recess to me when I was in Juniors. However, right now, they seem harder than the jumps. Since I'm not as flexible as others, it was hard to create spins. I also had hard time learning them, but after practicing, I was able to execute them. Since I get my points deducted for little mistakes, I will make sure I'll focus on my spins"

- Have you thought about performing with Hugh Jackman?
"It was a perfect timing when I introduced Les Miserables. To be honest, I didn't even know the movie was going to premier when I picked this program. I knew it couple days later. I thought I picked it well! I would be glad to join any show that backgrounds Les Miserables"

- What was the hardest part during training?
"It has to be bringing back my physical state. There were some remained from my past career, but since I took a break, I had to start from the beginning. I was physically tired from training, but I was able to overcome that"