ISU World Development Trophy competitions - new in Spring 2013

The new competitions have "the objective of providing an incentive to ISU Members currently being inactive or having only a limited level of activity in one or several ISU sport disciplines."

(1) ISU World Development Trophy
Figure Skating (Single Skating)
March 26-30, 2013
Cieszyn, Poland
1. Federacio Andorrana d’Esports de Gel
2. Armenia Skating Federation
3. The Skating Federation of Azerbaijan Republic
4. Skating Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
5. Cyprus Skating Federation
6. Hellenic Ice Sports Federation
7. Ice Skating Association of Ireland
8. Icelandic Skating Association
9. The Latvian Skating Association
10. Union Luxembourgeoise de Patinage
11. Skating Association of Montenegro
12. Association of Moroccan Ice Sports
13. Fédération Monegasque de Patinage
14. Norges Skøyteforbund
15. Serbian Skating Association
16. Slovene Skating Union

(2) ISU World Development Trophy
Figure Skating (Single Skating – Ice Dance)
April 16-20, 2013
Manila, Philippines

1. Federacion Argentina de Patinaje Sobre Hielo
2. Brazilian Ice Sports Federation
3. Chinese Taipei Skating Union (only in Ice Dance)
4. Skating Association of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
5. Hong Kong Skating Union Ltd (only in Ice Dance)
6. Grenada Figure Skating Association
7. Ice Skating Association of India
8. Ice Skating Association of Malaysia
9. Federacion Mexicana de Patinaje Sobre Hielo y Deportes de Invierno, A. C. (only in Single Skating)
10. Skating Union of Mongolia
11. New Zealand Ice Figure Skating Association Inc. (Figure) (only in Single Skating)
12. Korea Skating Union (only in Ice Dance)
13. Philippine Skating Union
14. Puerto Rican Figure Skating Federation
15. Singapore Ice Skating Association
16. South African Figure Skating Association
17. Figure and Speed Skating Association of Thailand
18. Winter Sports Association of Uzbekistan

"Based on the experience gained, the Council will evaluate this initiative and decide upon future editions, possibly including also the other ISU sports disciplines (Speed Skating, Pair Skating, Synchronized Skating) and additional and/or different participation of Members."