Hello everyone
If you are or were active in the community of Yuna Kim fans, you probably know me, or maybe not, I don't know really, it's just that I'm active in that community, so perhaps you could see me somewhere else. I'm not very active on Golden Skate, sadly, just because every time I try to convince myself that I should go here and talk with people, I always end up too busy for this.

Anyway, all of that doesn't matter, so sorry for this long introduction.

What I want to tell really, is that I am starting a new skating blog called "Skating Passion". Now, there are so many skating blogs already... But, I want to try to make it different from the rest.

Well, what I have planned for it, is that it will not be a blog about rumors. It will not be about scandals or complains about judges. Instead I want a blog that will talk about things that actually matter.
I plan for it to be a blog with analyses of competitions, reviews of programs, explanations of rules, commentaries on rule changes, all good stuff. It's not only me who is going to write for it, but rather there is going to be a team of authors. So it's not like I'm alone on that and you'll see only my commentaries there.

And here is that blog: http://www.skatingpassion.com/ You'll see that we have some entries which I wrote in advance, so you already have something to read if you want to.

And that's it, I don't know if this is going to be interesting to other people or not, but I guess trying will not hurt anyone. And I'll appreciate any feedback on it there in comments, here or if you'll just send us a mail to the address that is provided in that post: http://www.skatingpassion.com/conten.../12/first.html

By the way, we also have a twitter: http://twitter.com/SkatingPassionB So if you want, you may follow us and get updates about new posts in the blog. And if you'll follow us, we'll follow you back, so you'll be able to write us something through twitter, if you'd like to.

That's what I wanted to say, hopefully you'll find it interesting, and if not, sorry about it

Thank you for attention!