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Thread: 2012 2013 JGPF Men's Short program Junior Grand Prix Final SP

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    Quote Originally Posted by let`s talk View Post
    You are not consistent with your claims. Now you call protocols "evidence" but before and ironically later in this very post I am quoting you claimed that protocols are incorrect. Which leads to the only logical conclusion possible- you are biased and are using protocols as "evidence" only when you find them convinient to back up your claims, and not when you do not. Lame, dear. Peope disagree with scores and judging all the time on forums, so leave you "protocols-evidence" argument somewhere there if you want to be taken seriously. The guy without clean 3A, which is the toughest element in junior SP, should not be in the lead if there is another guy who did the jump, as well as was quite close in other stuff, if Farris didn't get gift-levels from Tech squad. I didn't say Kovtun should be in the lead with 10 points. I said he should be with a small gap.
    My countrymen? Oh, yeah, the audience often support locals better than all the rest. Normal thing. But they normally didn't go dead silent unless the clear scam took place. Now feel free to start blahblah-ing how dumb and biased the audience in Iceberg is.
    Your argument boils down to "Maxim had a good 3A and Joshua did not, thus Maxim deserves to be in first place", which means you think skating should be about performing one element well. I mean, you call everything else "other stuff". Apparently, you ignore every jump element below the 3A, every spin element, and footwork sequence. The differences in how Farris performed them over Maxim added up.

    If anything, Maxim would be the one who received bonus PCS from the judges for having a home crowd advantage. His PCS scores for the SP in Croatia ranged from 5.71 to 6.29, and in Germany ranged from 5.96 to 6.29. Here, it was from 6.46-6.79. On the other hand, Joshua's PCS scores for the SP in Lake Placid were from 6.21-6.89 and Slovenia from 6.54-6.93. Here, it was from 6.71-6.93, hardly any change at all.

    While I disagree with the level 4 on the Farris' step sequence, I agree with all the other level calls in the protocols for both Farris and Maxim. If Maxim had a proper edge on the flip, better edges on his footwork sequence, or held his difficult spin positions longer, I can see Maxim edging out Farris by a small gap.
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