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The younger men would to have proven that they were actually better than Plushenko in a competition first. So either Russian nationals or Euros 2014. He's not giving a lot of opportunities for other Russian men to beat him and it is totally unlikely anyone could beat him. Not just on PCS but also TES in a lot of cases. Any younger Russian male entry might have practice in Sochi in prep for 2018 but they can't think that! 2014-2018 just too many things can happen.
Plushenko is and will always be the model for Russian Men's FS
which I think is one of the reasons why they are stagnant and are not able to make a new good crop for a decade now because they are molding the skaters as
a Plushenko 2.0, hopefully some of the new kids will carve their own by 2018, its the only way to break the dependence on Zhenya