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Liza, Julia and Adelina totally dominated juniors and have been landing on senior podiums from their very first day, while two of them are now having growing up issues. How can someone say that they didn't live to their hype while only 14-16 and still growing, is beyond me. I mean how many girls went from juniors to skate among the best seniors the last few years after Mao and Yuna? Julia qualified on her first season and Liza made the gpf for the second time, I suppose many ladies would want that spot. And I don't remember any of the girls today except for Mao rocking the podiums when they were 16 years old. I m glad that the Ashley of 2009 I had seen live and Ashley 2012 are totally different skaters, I m not writing off Russian girls at this age.i think they ve managed more than well.
Kanako Murakami's first season as a senior, she made it to the GPF, and got a bronze. She won everything as a junior the year before. I don't think the Russians are that good, frankly. The ones still growing will likely to lose all of their jumps.

Of all of them, maybe Adelina has the best shot. Liza is just not good, she can jump, but she won't be a factor. Rachael, Mirai had 6-7 clean jumps and look where they are.