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Yeah I think he is. I personally don't like it when skaters recycle programs though, even if the program is a good one. He'll have performed this at least 6 times by season's end, and he doesn't actually have much to build on by skating it 6 more times - its mostly just the technical stuff, which happens in any program. By that time I'm ready for something fresh, and someone like Patrick really shouldn't be playing it safe by keeping a program. With his skills he's got a lot to offer, he just needs to challenge himself. It just seems like a real waste that we only get to see new programs from him every two seasons.
You took it right from my mouth. I was a fan of his back 4 years ago, but when he started keeping ALL his programs for 2 seasons, I started to root for others.
I finally like his choices again, I pray he'll come up ith other stuff next year.
He actually stated this year he wants to develop artistically. May I ask, ho he can do that skating for the same programs over and over again???