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Not all acrobatic lifts are "wonderful." Note that V&M made a number of changes in their FD. They got rid of that awful opening lift where I called Virtue's position similar to a "sack of potatoes" and the crotch lift has been minimized, even though it is still there. The last lift is still problematic IMHO. So I don't think V&M set any "standard" for great lifts.
You know KKonas - your personal dislike for V/M is really starting to show. If you can't at least acknowledge that their lifts in the past in FDs as Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Pink Floyd, Mahler etc haven't had any great lifts - well so be it. And really stop calling it the crotch lift. You may feel uncomfortable watching that position, but that position has been shown in professional floor dances...so yeah god forbid V/M display it on the ice... but I agree with you that the last lift is problematic and I think they will address it.