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V/M are great ice dancers/dancers.They have great line, presentation, skills, etc. Their dances this year are not doing it for me. I am biased, because I think they get overscored but I'm still scratching my head on both dances. The SD tries to combine modern dance with YP and it's ridiculous, or maybe I'm just not dance-cultured enough to be able to appreciate it. As I'm understanding Carmen, they are supposed to be presenting a sexy woman that rules men. But all I see is a pretty woman in a sexy dress with sexy makeup flailing around. If my understanding of what Carmen is supposed to be is correct, then their final pose is sums that up.

i've been fans of D/W since Bollywood. They don't have "line", but they have the skills and just seem to be able to make their programs work for them. I recognize that they have recycled several "signature" moves and lifts, and they certainly haven't updated their expedition, but everything seemed to come together excellently with this skate. Kudos to them for taking what they have and making it work.
I have to agree with you here but add a few points:

In the beginning when V/M were breaking out, I didn't get what was so great about them. Like you, it may be that I'm just not cultured well enough on dance. I fell hard for them in Vancouver and just loved their skating. I felt the same for D/W - with a bit more enthusiasm since I'm from the USA and the B/A & D/W rivalry was exciting. I absolutely LOVED Bollywood as well as Amalie and the Beatles medley. D/V waltz program (last year?) was absolutely breathtaking.

I think both teams are very evenly matched but with differing strengths. Inasmuch as it helps for them to train together and push each other, I wonder if it keeps them from exploring their own styles. I would not go so far as to say they have similar programs but I just see too much sameness between these two pairs. What I seem to notice with both of these teams is that they either have absolutely stellar programs - perfect for each other or terribly dismal programs (imo) - like this year. Hate both programs (SP/LP for both). Interestingly, both teams seem to have the same up/down program in the same cycle.

I'm not a fan of either LP this year. V/M - she is not as lean as she has been in the past. Having said that, she is in no way fat. I think she *appears* heavier simply b/c she is not tiny like Meryl, has a more athletic build and compared to Scott, who is not that tall or muscular, *appears* larger. She may be a few pounds heavier but that's to be expected as they head into peak season (and quite frankly, if the standard for Tessa's "thinness" is how she looked in Vancouver, then she'll never win that battle b/c she was very slim then). I'm also not loving the costume for the LP on her...it's too heavy (pardon my use of words). Meryl and Scott are just the opposite in terms of body type, though I have the same issues with their LP - uninspiring, dark, drab...just bleh. After last year's fantastic purple walz LP dress, I'm dissapointed in her dress this year (interestingly, her costumes, as with Tessa, seem to be either stellar or bleach).

In the end, I hope both skate well this season. I'm willing to be under-whelmed by both this year and chalk it up to pre-olympic "stuff". I just hope they both come out with fantastic, original programs for next year that really highlight their INDIVIDUAL strengths as apposed to trying to do the same stuff to keep up.