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In Pairs the ISU Rules still (thanks god) speak about the Man and the Lady in lifts. While in Ice dancing it's just "one of the partners", i.e. anyone can lift anyone. Why in Ice Daning and not in Pairs too I wonder. They were afraid that in this case the Pairs will end up in switching roles completely, like a big-she with a small-he doing lift stuff, death spirals. etc.? The reverse lift is odd. For me it's always been just a stunt, some cheap trick to get exra wows from crowds, performed mainly by those who couldn't get enough wows by the traditional way. The same I can say about Natalie's idea to show her naked belly in SD, even if we all know that nudity is not allowed. Otherwise skaters can skate in bikini.

Speaking about Voir's last lift in FD, the one that provote people to use explicit language. I am curious how it managed to be counted as legal is she is sitting on his shoulders.
It is because in pairs the lady goes over the man's head entirely whereas in ice dance that is still illegal. The vast majority of women are not physically capable of lifting the weight of any other adult person (woman man big small) over their head physiologically.