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Thread: 2012 GPF Free Dance FD

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    I certainly hope they won't do a reverse lift..I really don't like them very much, most of the time.

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    I'm officially worried about that lift now. Man, I love it and I'd hate for it to be declared illegal (especially since they were running into that problem during the Olympic season). I'd be interested in seeing the physical mechanics of that lift.

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    2012 GPF Free Dance FD

    So far, the judges have not had a problem with Scott's hands in that lift. As long as he is consistent where he places his hands on Tessa's hips, they may be safe. Does the rules say anything about how much of the hands must extend above the head before it is illegal? ie. any part including fingers, the palm, up to the wrist, etc.

    As Doris mention previously in post #156, I am more concerned about the choreographic lift. If Scott leans back too far, his head may drop below the level of his hands. Unlike placing his hands on a predetermined location on Tessa's hips, it would be more difficult for him to estimate how far he can lean back before it becomes a violation of the rules.

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    Quote Originally Posted by golden411 View Post

    Linichuk took one look at the 5-foot-6, 105-pound Belbin and said, “You need to gain 10 pounds.” She said more muscle would help Belbin skate faster and more fluidly. ...

    Belbin began reading books about nutrition and eating lunch at the rink. She learned to eat foods that would best sustain an athlete’s body.
    She also began training harder off the ice, lifting weights, doing push-ups and participating in Karponosov’s boot camps, which involve hard-core skating drills to strengthen the legs.
    What surprises me is that she could reach the level of Olympic silver medalist without knowing this stuff? Did they get taught nothing in Canton? It's common knowledge, even to non-athletes, that skipping lunch is bad!
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