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Thread: 2012 GPF Men's Free Skate LP

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    I was in awe of all the skates, and any one of those five top skaters could have won if but for the position of the moon and the stars and the way that wind was blowing.

    Ya. Takahashi's did good short and long so the points added up (with a little vodka boost on the PCS). But yay. He had two great skates. He won. of all the skaters, my sense is that Takahashi skates the smartest.

    Chan still has it, and the mistakes he made were stupid, stupid, stupid. He is not the type of skater to repeat those kind of mistakes though, so now they are behind him. I would not count him out and I think he is still the one to beat at worlds and Sochi. When he is at his best, he is the best, but when he is not at his best, he will be beat and then some. No wiggle room. Fact of life now. (I like his coaching change. I find him easier to watch this year compared to last year. )

    Hanyu really amazed me. His stamina was good, and I thought he skated better than he ever has. He had little chance to win with his crappy short though. But with the two amazing short skates he has done this year, he should be forgiven for not skating this one short not so well. I think that it will be him and Chan for the worlds (providing Chan shows up in himself, and Yuzuru can keep his focus for two days of skating rather than just one). As well, Yuzuru's skills seem to be improving by the week. But, oh my, forget the scoring, that was a beautiful skate to watch.

    Javier? Where did he come from all of a sudden. This is his second totally amazing long program performance. Three quads. But, as well, he is just way better than he was last year. Some of his skating (his landings especially) reminds me of Yuzuru's, but he also has his own style in his own right. (Yuzuru will never do Charlie Chaplin though.) This kid could be the dark horse for the podium

    Kozuka. I just feel sorry for him. What a phenomenal skater and he skated well. He had a few glitches, but: The field that night was just to strong. He still needs to achieve better skates, but, still, just as he is, he is amazing to watch.

    At any grand prix event, I would have been happy to just see one of those skates. But there were five. I am almost sorry that there had to be scoring.
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