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I know Stas wasn't all that elegant, but because he was so strong, their lifts were amazing. Obviously there are things that Tatiana does better now that she's skating with Trankov, but not everything.

I don't particularly care for either of her partners, though I somewhat prefer Stas because he wasn't whiny and didn't have tacky taste in music and programs. Anyway, she is very deserving of some good results, but I wish the programs were better... I say they should give her a medal on her own
Oh, I agree that none of their programs do justice to her skills and presence. I kept repeating that they deserve much better programs. An original concept that is not tacky. A program that shows Tanya more and somehow 'silences' Trankov's sometimes annoying expression (which together with mustache in the SP made me feel not watching that program at all). I think a 'calm', lyrical program could work for them.