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Thread: 2014 Olympics: Asada vs. Kim

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    Quote Originally Posted by venlac View Post
    I remember that comments in Olympic sp. He upset and said "why? why brian oser is highly respected than tarasova ?" except this nationalism commentor, i have never seen that commentators criticized Kim (oh, of course except Japanese casters)
    and i have seen that mao asada was Criticized.
    Just for the record, Jpnse commentators and casters hardly ever criticize Yuna. Newspaper and magazine ariticles either. In fact countless Jpnse tv shows have praised Yuna much more than Mao in the past. Countless Jpnse people found that annoying, and has been making complaints to those programs. So far there are only 2 people who ever said anything negative about Yuna getting high scores, and that only happened this season after NRW. Plus seriously, do you think that that's a crime of any sort? All people who've seen a performance should be allowed to express their honest thoughts on it. It doesn't mean they're bashing the skater. They're just saying they do not agree with the judges. I wouldn't mind if anyone criticized Mao's performances, if that's how they felt. I may not agree with them, but I surely would not think in any way that they have done any wrong. And FYI, I am not one of those angry Jpnse fans who were furious about many Jpnse programs which praised Yuna. I know many of you have trouble believing this, but even though I like Mao better, I have and will always respect Yuna as a great skater too. She is worth being praised even on Jpnse tv and the press.

    Quote Originally Posted by venlac View Post
    I have seen the countless YouTube slader videos they made since yuna's debut and
    i know they want to make image
    Sometimes it's scary to me, and sometimes laugh at..
    Well, I've seen countless YT slander vids on Mao too. It's not only Yuna who's a victim of some ill hearted people. I hate such videos on both sides and sincerely hope we won't have much of them as Olys gets close. I can see you like Yuna much more than Mao, but I'd appreciate it if you'd be more objective and try to equally respect them. Yuna is not the only one who's been praised by skating legends. Mao has been too. Why can't you simply accept that as a fact ? They're different types of skaters but both very good at what they do. At the same time, they've been both victims of being made sick videos to humiliate them in YT. We all have faves, but please pay some respect for other skaters, too. If you love the sport, it shouldn't be so difficult. Mao and Yuna has never said anything bad on eachother in public to say the least. I think there's alot for us all to learn from their attitudes as such.

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    This thread is closed for restoration and will open by Sochi time brand new; we will keep you informed.

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