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I'm a teacher. Today I got two plus lessons in shool, because my collegue fell ill. I had an idea, thus I begun to talk about history of Olympic Games, winter olympics, winter sports, finally about figure skating. I said, every sports are developing, like the FS. I showed them some old and new programs only the men's, because I had no time more.( I prefer the men) I didn't tell them the skater's names, anyway they weren't interested in FS, more of them have never watched FS competitons.( In my country isn't too popular sport, even the girls too, are watching the soccer and Formula-1. ) They were 34 students, looked at the videos, after they voted.
Two world champion's SP

the old won 31 votes to old and 3 votes to new


the old won , not too big difference, but won 20 votes to old and 14 votes to new.

(I don't know it had sense but i was curious after this thread )

The top skaters can be artistic under the new system, but only they! Most of the skaters are focusing on the technical elements, the steps, and the edges. They have many regulations. But the audience would like to see many nice programs, not fighting with the elements.
Thank you for publishing the results of your research It makes all sense. I think this is certainly the main reason why the new judging system make figure skating less popular. The skater today focus to much on the element cause this is where they get points, but it certainly less attractive for the audience to watch them today.
So, in terms of television viewer, it makes the sport less enjoyable to watch because skaters nowadays lack of personality and freedom in their program compared to the past. I think the new judging system is the reason why the people who know nothing about skating enjoy most the 6.0 system. Skaters today are like robots and tend to perform for points and not to please their audience.