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Thread: The New judging system kills figure skating and loses the beauty of sport

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    Quote Originally Posted by let`s talk View Post
    How so? I assume plushyfan simply took the last WC under 6.0 and compared it with the current WC under CoP. She couldn't influence the WC titles.
    Yes. My first idea was Plushenko's Moonlight Sonata SP, because I really adore, adore it, but I remembered that it was his first SP under COP. So, I showed the last SP, wich won WC.

    ( two comment to Moonlight Sonata's another video

    "This is a lesser known program compared with his other more famous ones, probably because he did not compete much that season due to injuries. But what a haunting and stunningly beautiful program!

    A modern interpretation of Beethoven's timeless music, so demure and subtle, and yet with heart-felt passion and sensitivity. It gave us glimpse of longing, bewilderment and vulnerability, combined with the loftiness and sweetness. Only the genius knows how to interpret another genius."

    "There is something metaphysical in his skating..." )
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