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Thread: Suzuki's replaces 3Lz with 3F in SP

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    Suzuki's replaces 3Lz with 3F in SP

    Excerpt: Suzuki, who made major mistakes at her both Grand Prix events, told the press before the start of the [Final] that her focus will be on skating a clean short. In order to achieve it, the student of Hiroshi Nagakubo replaced her triple Lutz out of steps with a triple flip. It certainly helped.

    “Of course in the two short programs in the Grand Prix series I didn’t do well, so it pushed me back and I needed to catch up with my free program,” Suzuki explained. “I started to have a negative mind set about my short program that I might not be able to do this very well. This actually helped me to change my mind set completely, and I have nothing else here anymore, so I all I had to do was to be aggressive and put my energy into that.”

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    Sounds like a good plan.

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    another lady with no lutz in their sp
    at least she won't receive edge violations.

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    Yes, it's sad... She was one of the few ladies attempting a 3Lz in the SP, last season! But, a clean SP with a 3F is better than a messy one with the 3Lz. The really sad thing is that she's not trying two 3Lzs in the FS anymore, after watching her NHK FS, I hoped she was finally able to achieve this...

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    Having done clean SP have great effect on the competition, so I think she made a wise decision.

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