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Thread: Discussion on the vid wars of skaters by fans.

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    Discussion on the vid wars of skaters by fans.


    So I'm a new figure skating fan. I watched it during the Vancouver Winter Olympics and absolutely fell in love with the sport, the figure skaters and just the artistic aspect of it. I've been watching many more figure skating videos online now and to be honest I'm still not quite sure how things work with scoring etc.

    I'm very confused with all this controversy surrounding Mao and Yuna. I know it's a country rivalry thing, but I was shocked to see even the country news media (Japanese especially.. or at least they were the ones I found on Youtube) projecting negative reports on the skaters.

    Seeing so many comments/videos about how Kim Yuna is over scored and is not as exceptional as reported, I was wondering if any of you more experienced skating fans can say something about it.


    Thank you everyone for your reply. Both Mao and Yuna are excellent skaters, and I guess I was too naive when I was perusing Youtube. I also didn't realize there has been so much 'hate' for so many skaters like Kwan (who I always thought no one hated) or Patrick.

    I will definitely be aware of silly youtube comments and videos.

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