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Thread: Discussion on the vid wars of skaters by fans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olympia View Post
    And thank goodness for that! I remember the first time I encountered video commentary. It wasn't a separate video but written posts under a perfectly wonderful video. Of course it was one of Michelle's, because I looked her vids up the most. I was so agitated to see such foul language used against anyone, but especially against a young person who had done nothing but try to excel at a sport. I felt almost grimy after I read it. I can't understand why anyone would be that scurrilously intense about a total stranger.
    Is it wrong to assume that might have been the work of the obsessed anti-Kwan nut?

    For those who avoid reading YouTube comments, the basic story is that Michelle Kwan videos have been attacked for years by the same person using multiple accounts. This person has literally posted hundreds, if not thousands, of negative comments over a span of quite a few years. Its accounts will even talk to each other in an attempt to make its numbers appear larger, but it is obvious that it is the same person.

    I once tried to figure out who this person's real identity actually was, but I was never able to come up with anything definitive. I would love to know if it is someone with a personal grudge against her or just a typical loon.

    Now, more recently, there have been tons of racist comments left on videos of her performances. These are very different from the way the crazy, obsessed hater typically operates, so they're probably not related.
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