I like the top Europeans and Russians but am not up on what's happening or when. Can someone tell me who is hosting Euros this year and what we should be attuned to? Who is likely best podium bets and why? I'll make few guess and you Euro posters let me know what's really what.

The Ladies. I am hoping Kira takes gold. I love her SP music and program this year and the deeper knees. she is less awkward, better flow. I must confess I am dazzled by her beauty in that spring green glam confection. Best look of the season, aalong with Gracie gold's Sp, Mao's Lp and Ashley's LP. But has there been a more beautiful skater to ever come out of Europe? She really is a good skater, improving still at 24. I imagine she will marry some Prince after Sochi May she skate well

Leonova-will she be there? Which Russian ladies will be there? Liza is the best baby but I'm not sold on her though she is clearly mature beyond her years. Julia? Any word on her injury? Will she be ready? I love this little cracker but so far uber flexibility and jumps make a little whirling dervish. Not much soul/artistry yet, but she is a tiny package-box of chocolates for me. How many get invited or qualify for Euros, from any country?

Has Karo said she'd go? Luuurrve Caro-hope so-magestic is what I see-last two years. If she brings it, shes surely a lock. I wouldn't mind Korpi winning tho. Want her on podium of course. Hope Liza makes bronze or feisty fiery Leonova. Hate most programs but she's a very good skater. Irina S always comes to mind. Fireballs.

Men. Javier should win gold easily-yes? I hope. Joubert-great skater even now-silver for Brian-he'll be there? If Brian Falters, then flying fleet footed Amodio.

Bronze if not Amodio, I hope Michal Brezina can do two clean programs. I like this kid. I also like Artur and Max Kovtun. I am not sure if Plush is going to Euros? I thought I read he won't. Of course he's likely gold but Javier with 3 quads in his LP just won the LP against the best at GPF, so Euros doesn't belong to Plush-or does it? Catch me up, please.

Pairs: Are S/S out til Worlds? Then Euro gold must be Tat/Max. I don't really like Kava/Smirnoff or other top Russian pair all that much. Who else is likely on podium? I have not followed pairs much. I admit I am looking for a great NA team like S/P with their style/unison/chemistry/great programs. No Russian pair since B/S has captivated me. Tough shoes to fill the co-SLC gold medalists. S/S are like contortionists. I don't care for Ingo Steuer as a choreo if thats who does them. But their Athleticism is off the charts. If healthy, they likely win Sochi. How r they doing?

Ice dance: Gold should be Capellini/Lanotte (did I mess up names?) Only saw them 1-2 times but they are smooth-really a team. Love this handsome Italian pair. Silver Nathalie and Fabian who likely own the gold this season with the Stones-you can't miss. Fun skaters to watch-and oh so French. Bronze? Dunno

Please tell us who/what to expect for this great competition. Tks Euro fans!