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I have not seen her live. Seeing her on tv, she seemed really quick to me and not just her arms. Have you seen her live because that might explain our different perceptions? I know there are differences in tv vs. live but her ss and speed look absolutely good to me.
No, sadly I didn't either. I'm usually watching fancam videos to get a better idea of the speed a skater has - I'm not sure if it was last years nationals, or the YOG, but I saw some videos of her filmed from one position, capturing the whole ring. The difference between her and Adelina was very obvious I think...
And when I say her SS are average I don't want to say they're bad, but really just that, average. Better than some of the ladies, but not as good as others. In response to what FSGMT said, I just think working on her SS and speed would be the easiest way to boost her PCS. She already did if you compare her to last year, and I'm sure she'll continue to improve. But for now I think she'll be behind Caro & Co. in PCS and I can see why (I'm a huge Adelina fan, so I can't really agree that Liza is a better performer in gerenal either. I think they're pretty much equal in that regard ).