I guess it's two separate stories:

Prior to the last two seasons it used to be VERY difficult for single skaters to get a level 4 on a step sequence. If you got a level 4, it was note worthy. Now it seems that more skaters are able to hit level 4. I'm curious what has enabled this. Is it that the current rules make it easier or are the skaters themselves catching on what is necessary for that level 4?

Meanwhile in ice dance, it's the exact opposite, it seems VERY difficult to get a level 4 step sequence. I haven't look through all the protocol sheets, but I don't doubt that only a handful (including C/L) of couples have made this achievement and in fact some teams (including the top teams) have struggled to get a level 3.

I wouldn't mind one of Doris' classic "How levels are reached" posts for step sequences because I really want to know why it has become so much more easier for single skaters to get level 4 but that ice dancers, on the whole, have rarely done so this season.