Buttle should have stayed in 2 more seasons. If Evan could win 09 Worlds and 2010 Olympics without a quad a clean Buttle would have been a lock to win both events. I agree the CSA retired Sandhu in summer 2007 which IMO was a good move. He was clearly going downhill at that point. Maybe he is just coming back to leave the sport the way he wants which I am all for if that is the case. I just hope he doesnt convince himself of fantasies of things like challenging Chan or being on the podium at Worlds at this point. Having high goals which are somewhat realistic or even a bit of a strech for your are one thing (which for Sandhu might be making a World team again given Canadas weak mens field currently, or a less ambitious one maybe top 5 at Canadians), but setting completely unattainable dream like ones are sure ways to set yourself up for certain dissapointment and certain failure. Fumie Suguri is an example of one with fantasies, she cant even make it out of regionals in Japan and she is talking about making Japans Olympic team for Sochi. Less than a year before the 2010 Olympics in an interview she mentioned seeing Yu NA Kim as her main competition for the 2010 Olympic Gold.