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Thread: The Shibutanis had a live chat. Full video.

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    Archive video from today's live chat:

    The most interesting thing came around the 17:15 mark on the first link regarding their SD. They explained that they got feedback at Champs Camp that they were "outskating" the Mary Poppins music. They also acknowledge the fact that the Duchesnays skated to this music first and expressed how much respect they have for them.

    Also Charlie trolls the chat at the 22 minute mark!

    The second video is just the last minute or so of the chat.

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    They were in NYC to skate a performance at Rockefeller Center for the Today show that will be broadcast on Christmas morning. They will be skating this weekend in the Gymnastics and Skating Spectacular show which will also be on NBC.

    They do such a great job sharing in their experiences with fans. I always appreciate the intelligence and candor with which they do it. That takes effort and they have been very consistent throughout their careers.

    Photos from the Today show blog along with other guests including (omg, haha) Martha Stewart. Maia tweeted a picture from the Today show TV kitchen set. I wonder who is tougher? Martha in the kitchen or Marina in the rink!

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