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Thread: Kim Yuna’s candid talk about her decision to return to competitive skating

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    Kim Yuna’s candid talk about her decision to return to competitive skating

    I think this interview gives more perspectives on Yuna's comeback. I was just going to post this in her news thread below, but thought it deserves another thread since it reveals much about her thoughts.
    Kim Yuna’s candid talk about her decision to return to competitive skating

    “Ever since I was a child I thought that the Vancouver Olympics would be the end of my skating career. After I had a good performance at the Games, I lost motivation. I just didn’t want to do it,” said Kim as she described the sense of loss she felt after the Olympic Games.
    As Kim confessed the emotional turmoil that she went though, one could see that she had truly been tormented during the time she spent contemplating over her future though the look on her face. Her eyes became misty as she relived the memories.
    “As I started to practice with the young Korean skaters, I began to think that it wasn’t necessary to train oversees like I did before.
    I knew training would be difficult. I knew very well. But as I practiced with the young skaters, I started to think that I could do it again. Also I’ve been skating since I was a kid so in a way I felt that I just had to skate,” admitted Kim.

    Living and training in a ‘familiar yet new’ environment in her native Korea, gave her the strength to start again.

    “When I was in Canada and in the U.S., I was there to train. I felt like I was staying in the place for training.
    That was the most predominant feeling that I felt while living abroad. I missed training with my friends and staying with my family in my ‘real’ home. Now that I am home, I feel much more light hearted. Training and life in general has become much more comfortable and easier,” said Kim as she smiled.
    When asked about her new coaches, Kim answered that she feels at home with them.
    “There are no communication barriers and since I they are my childhood teachers, I feel really comfortable with them.
    Unless there is a big sudden change, I think it would be safe to say that I want to continue to train with my current coaches,” said Kim who seemed quite happy.
    That bolded part reminds me of Michelle's advise that she gave to Yuna in 2010, during ATS LA press conference, I think. She said that she was always reminded the joy of skating watching young skaters, little skaters every day on the rink, and that was what got her to continue her skating career. Look how things worked out for Yuna; Michelle is truly a great mentor for Yuna:swoon:

    I for one am so happy that she's feeling light-hearted towards competing now that she's home with friends and family. Perhaps that was exactly what she needed. Good luck to her!

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    YuNa sounds confident, mature and at peace with her decision to return to skating. It will
    be great to have her back in the mix leading up Soci. Thank you for posting the article.

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    How nice to hear from YuNa! I like her rationale for training in Korea, though of course I'm sorry she's not in North America. I think it sounds as if she's done the right thing both for personal and athletic satisfaction.

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    Good stuff, I like how she seems to take reign of her own careers and do things her way. I can see her being quite a mother hen to the Korean young skaters. Thanks for the article.

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    IMO, there is another unstated reason for returning to competition: pressure from the Korean government, since they will be hosting the Olympics in 2018. There is no other Korean skater who would do well enough in Sochi in the leadup to 2018. So of course it is very much to the advantage of Korea that Yu Na compete in 2014.

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