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    That's a point I hadn't considered, SkateFan66. As the song says, perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

    My feeling is always that (1) if someone's not good enough to make the national roster, what does it matter if he gives it a try. (2) if someone is good enough, then he deserves the spot, and we could sure use a guy like that.

    Unless the federation arbitrarily puts one of the comeback guys on the national team (which would be dreadful and counterproductive to the federation's goals of, like, medaling at worlds), then presumably he gets there because he outskated other competitors. In which case, as I say, we could sure use a guy like that.

    I suspect, alas, it won't come to that. Neither Johnny nor Evan currently shows any evidence of being able to skate at that level. I believe the old phrase is "don't buy a pig in a poke." With both those men, their current skating abilities are in a lockbox that no one has yet opened in full view.
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