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Sorry I don't quite follow this argument. Are you saying Kozuka, Oda, or Takahashi are jumping beans and not much more? People always drop in rankings when someone else with comparable PCS outjumps them.
That is not what I said. You'd note that my comments were comparing Oda and Mura. It is easier to assess the style of a judging panel using results from lower ranked skaters than it is to use results from the top skaters.

With respect to your last comment, I don't agree.

Would you say Oda and Mura have comparable PCS based on their SP in Sapporo even though Mura outjumped Oda?

Furthermore, would you say Kozuka's 11th place finish at the 2012 Worlds is a result of Denis Ten, 7th place, outjumped him despite comparable PCS?

That's my point precisely, Oda and Mura do not have comparable PCS, yet because Mura landed jumps, he almost beat Kozuka who was superior in the 6 of the other 7 elements and in all 5 components of the PCS. Does that make sense to you, a single jumping element carries so much weight?